Capture emotion.


I’m in Buenos Aires right now getting ready to head to Patagonia for a week. Buenos Aires is one of my favorite cities; tango dancers in the cobblestone streets, colorful buildings and architecture, fantastic wine and steak (food is important for the travel photographer!). Since this is such a vibrant city, I like to capture […]

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The quiet death of journalism at the hand of “content strategy”

Aventures Digitales: The quiet death of journalism at the hand of “content strategy” The BrandBuilder Blog. Don’t worry, this won’t take long. Instead of writing a 5-part dissertation about the slow agonizing death of journalism at the hand of so-called “content strategists” and the growing culture of “let the intern do it, he knows about […]

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How Semantic Search Is Redefining Traditional & Social Media

How Semantic Search Is Redefining Traditional & Social Media. Semantics, the study of meaning, is playing an increasingly important role in the development of knowledge management tools across a variety of industries, and some of the most interesting developments are coming from the media world. Semantic search is one broad area within the higher realm […]

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Book Review: Alexis Van Hurkman’s Color Correction Handbook

Book Review: Alexis Van Hurkman's Color Correction Handbook 3

If you’re wanting to learn more about post-production then you’ve got quite a few areas where you can target studies. There’s creative editing and storytelling (of course), there’s audio mixing and sound design, there’s the technical world of editing where you’re dealing with workflow and media organization, there’s graphics, effects and color grading as well. […]

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AG-AF100 and PMW-F3 on the Charts

AG-AF100 and PMW-F3 on the Charts 7

A PMW-EX3, PMW-F3, and AG-AF100 lined up on a cart. This past Monday, Art Adams and I went up to Chater Camera to have a quick look at the tonal-scale renderings of the PMW-F3 and AG-AF100, two new large-single-sensor (LSS) interchangeable-lens camcorders, and to torture them with resolution, aliasing, and IR sensitivity tests. [updated 2001-03-19: […]

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You’ve likely heard about the new interconnect technology called Thunderbolt. With two 10 Gbit/sec channels this has some interconnect power, at budget pricing. It’ll make a big difference when momentum gathers.How will affect production and post production? What will it do to the future of computers? Will Apple still need to make towers?Philip Hodgetts and […]

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