Step into the Matrix: What I Learned from Examining RED’s Build 30 Color Science


Comparing the RED ONE “M” and the RED ONE “MX” in Adam Wilt’s office. The RED ONE MX is finally here, and it looks great–better than it should, considering that RED says that it hasn’t changed the colorimetry of its sensors, only its sensitivity and noise levels. How could software alone make such a huge […]

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Sonicfire Pro 5 with After Effects CS5 Workflow Video Tutorials


I’ve broken these tutorials down into three videos, using some real-world examples of how I work using SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 with Adobe After Effects CS5 projects, creating short production videos and motion graphics for broadcast. Whether I’m creating/editing a short video with layers of motion graphics or building a motion graphics animated opener/bumper, I […]

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New wave of web services brings customization to commerce

New wave of web services brings customization to commerce. For a long time,CafePress was the major player in customized product creation on the Internet. Slowly other sites sprang up, likeZazzle,Skreened,StickerGiant,Lulu, and many more. Many of these options are novelty one-offs, though, and you’re paying for the customization, not the craftsmanship, of the product. But the […]

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