Schneider Introduces w Series IRND Filters for High Definition Cameras


Schneider Optics, the renowned maker of professional filters, has developed a range of absorptive IRND filters designed to fulfill the demanding requirements of today’s high definition cameras. Cinematographers have found that many of today’s high-definition cameras have a high sensitivity to light just beyond the visible range. This can be beneficial in extending the color […]

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OConnor Introduces Cine Follow Focus CFF-1

OConnor Introduces Cine Follow Focus CFF-1 1

Pioneering fluid head and tripod innovator OConnor, a Vitec Group brand, introduces the first product in their new line of professional camera accessories: the Cine Follow Focus CFF-1. This rock-solid tool features the hallmark design and precision engineering that has made the OConnor brand renowned throughout the industry for 60 years. Constructed of lightweight, durable […]

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Predicting Sentiment in Advance

Martin’s Fulcrum Musings: Predicting Sentiment in Advance. There are now a number of tools that monitor social networks looking at: Sentiment analysis – General sentiments related organizations and their brands Topic trend analysis – the relative frequency that topics are mentioned over time Therefore, if I make blog post or tweet, mytopic andsentiments will be […]

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Editing a multicamera concert shot on Canon 5Ds


It’s no secret that Canon 5Ds are everywhere. They’ve shot music videos, short films, commercials and more Vimeo videos than anyone can imagine. One place where I haven’t heard about a lot of usage (as of yet anyway) is in multicamera concert production. There’s very real reasons why you wouldn’t want to use any small-form-factor […]

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