Face Replacement Part 2: ADVANCED

Face Replacement Part 2: ADVANCED 1

Welcome to part two of the Face Replacement tutorial, I highly recommend viewing part one (HERE) if you haven’t done so already, since I will be using a lot of the same techniques and I move though some of the repeat steps a little faster in this tutorial. Hopefully part one got you well on […]

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Face Replacement Part 1: BASIC

Face Replacement Part 1: BASIC 2

In this two part series, I’ll show you how to track and composite a face onto another body using After Effects and Mocha AE. Learn some of the tricks and hurdles you may have to deal with when trying to produce this type of effect. This tutorial is a special one and a little different […]

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Live From NAB: More EX3 Alternative Media Choices!


Previously best known for those fabric hoods that NFL instant-replay referees stick their heads into (or shelter LCD monitors in bright light,) the folks at HoodmanUSA have jumped into the SxS-alternative-media business with both feet. Their “RAW” SDHC memory cards and “SxSxSDHC” adapter card feature something a roll-your-own solution can’t – a 100% satisfaction guarantee. […]

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Snell Strengthens Morpheus Control & Monitoring Platform

Snell, the new company formed through the merger of Pro-Bel and Snell & Wilcox, announced today that it has significantly strengthened the capabilities of its industry-leading Morpheus Control & Monitoring (MCM) system. The enhancements, which enable MCM to handle the increasingly complex infrastructures of today’s media environment, include the ability to monitor all products in […]

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