AJA releases “IO Express”

AJA releases "IO Express" 1

AJA is also releasing the IO Express which is designed for Laptop users (that’s me!) for field capture and work. This is mini-version of the IO (which is a bit much to travel with…I’ve tried…often). This is another homerun product. AJA has the track record that allows me to assume it will work…well. While this […]

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NAB 2009 – Saturday Workshop

NAB 2009 - Saturday Workshop 2

The calm before the storm: the Las Vegas Convention Center on Saturday evening. NAB holds several pre-show conferences; I arrived midafternoon on Saturday and sat in on two presentations in the Director of Photography Workshop, one on Red, and one on the Arri D-21. Ted on Red Red Digital Cinema Camera Company’s Ted Schilowitz gave […]

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Blackmagic’s UltraScope; first 3 Gb/s SDI + optical fiber SDI scopes for editors and colorists


At NAB 2009, Blackmagic Design announced their UltraScope. In the manufacturer’s words: “The world’s first 3 Gb/s SDI and optical fiber SDI scopes designed for editors and colorists, with the technical accuracy broadcast engineers will love for only US$695!” Blackmagic continues, saying: “Simply plug into any compatible Windows computer with a 24-inch monitor, and Blackmagic […]

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Taxonomy Testing

What A Cute Bunny: Taxonomy asLiberator Posted onApril 17, 2009by mshulha I spent this past week testing a taxonomy as part of a digital asset management project we are currently working on.One of the test scenarios involved giving art taggers a series of images and asking them to code them using the taxonomy we had […]

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Tip: Shift Habits, Control Energy Use, Eject Waste


It’s unfortunate for those of us doing the processor-intensive work of video and computer graphics that we typically disable Energy Saver settings because they can thwart renders. You’d think that the system could tell the difference between an After Effects or Maya render that requires several minutes per frame and all the little pings of […]

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