King’s College London Offers MA in Digital Asset Management

King’s College London’s Centre for Computing in the Humanities and the Centre for e-Research are offering anMA in Digital Asset Management(Thanks toThe Stoa Consortium.) Overview The MA Digital Asset Management programme addresses an increasingly important area of library, archival and curatorial activity, namely the management of digital assets. The programme is jointly taught by the […]

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Professional Audio Podcasting seminar, April 14th in Miami


Now is your chance to attend a seminar about professional audio podcast production. You will learn the fundamental differences between tradtional radio broadcasts, live Internet radio, and audio podcasts… and the advantages of the latter; how to design your audio podcast format; the standard elements (intros, outros, bumpers, etc.); hardware and software to produce your […]

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Sharpness is a Complex Thing


Limiting resolution is easy to determine, but there’s a whole lot more to image sharpness and overall quality than resolution. For example, you can optimize a pinhole camera for maximum resolution, OR you can optimize it for a sharper-looking image! Check out “The Pinhole Camera Revisited, or, The Revenge of the Simple-Minded Engineer”: If […]

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