DAM Soothes catalogue hell!

Catalogues have an extreme short lifecycle and changes must be carried out at the speed of light. They carry a vast number of items that in many cases represent a company’s revenue model. So accuracy failures and data issues are not an option. The catchment area of a catalogue depends on numerous aspects (e.g. country […]

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Semantic Signatures

Unlocking the intellectual capital trapped inside organizations that deal with enormous amounts of text is a major challenge. To accelerate the development of new semantic business applications tackling this problem, TextWise LLC, a pioneer in semantic application development, today announced the SemanticHacker Innovators’ Challenge (SHIC). TextWise is offering a $1 million incentive for each useful […]

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North Plains launches new site

North Plains’ delivers powerful business solutions that enable organizations to address their most pressing rich media challenges. Our business solutions address needs that are common across many industries such as managing video, presentation slide decks, creative design media, as well as marketing collateral and related processes. Video Management – A cost-effective solution for introducing video […]

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Considerations for DAM SaaS

Case Study: Digital Asset Management; the New Opportunity for Service Providers Snip: When considering a DAM SaaS model, service providers need to determine whether they will make, buy, or partner with a vendor for this offering. In any case, working with a vendor well-versed in delivering DAM as a service is an important factor. There […]

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DAM Tutorials

DAM Tutorials 3

Workflow Tutorials <!– Creative Digital Workflow (added Feb. 10, 2006)This video will show you how to use Portfolio inside of a creative agency to catalog and find files as well as how to put Portfolio to work as a workflow tracking system. From routing files to tracking status, we will show you how much time […]

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Adobe Offers DRM for Flash Video


By Tim Siglin March 19, 2008 Adobe today announced the availability of its Flash Media Rights Management Server, a product that runs on Windows Server 2003 and Red Hat Linux and offers content protection and business rules for playback and repurposing of offline content. The Rights Management Server is designed to sit alongside the Flash […]

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