Video Becomes Pervasive

Video Becomes PervasiveIn the emerging digital economy, video is increasingly accepted as the most powerful entertainment, information and brand media type. No longer is the production and distribution of video simply the domain of the media and entertainment industry. The advent of powerful desktop editing video tools and compression technology coupled with the growth of […]

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Transformations in lossless watermarking


Circular interpretation of bijective transformations in lossless watermarking for media asset management De Vleeschouwer, C. Delaigle, J.-F. Macq, B.Univ. Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium; AbstractThe need for reversible or lossless watermarking methods has been highlighted in the literature to associate subliminal management information with losslessly processed media and to enable their authentication. The paper first […]

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genetic heredity of a digitized event — its DNA

H-Class Invenio Digital Asset Management Digital Asset Management is the ability to associate descriptive metadata about a particular program or advertisement, to the video and audio essence of that program or advertisement. Metaphorically speaking, a digital asset management application establishes the genetic heredity of a digitized event — its DNA. This matters because more and […]

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