WiFi Art Thou?

Sound Devices Announces the CL-WIFI/ iOS App For the

For those of you looking for something to do on your iphones and ipads (between rounds of Angry Birds), Sound Devices has developed the CL-WiFi and an attendant iOS app, which provide remote control and metadata editing for the 788T.

From the press release:

The hardware CL-WIFI is a Wi-Fi access point, when the iOS device connects to it over Wi-Fi. The CL-WIFI app then uses the Wi-Fi connection to communicate with the 788T. The iOS app controls metering of 788T input and track levels, time code, file length, frame rate display and record start/stop control input-to-track routing enabling take list and take name editing.

For the time being, it’s iOs-only, though the FAQ promises that SD “understand[s] the rapid growth of the other portable environments and are evaluating them.” (They make no mention of whether or not you need to hold your iphone in a particular way to maintain reception, however…).

Also, please to enjoy this Oscar overview clip:

Sound Devices CL-WiFi
MSRP $249
iOs app


John Tumaque