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I’ve long been a big fan of proper Review and Approcal services. My Review and Approval Options for Video Pros is still a well trafficked article. News hit just the other day that Wipster had formed a deal with Vimeo to integrate the two services. This is a good thing as there are way too many people using Vimeo only as a review and approval service. Vimeo itself is not a review and approval service. But Wipster is. I sent a few questions over to Wipster’s Rollo Wenlock about this partnership as I had a few questions about it. It sounds pretty darn cool and a good idea that makes good sense. The Q and A is below with the full press release at the bottom.

How did this partnership with Vimeo come to be?
We met them at NAB last year, started chatting and over some months pitched the integration, they liked how we’d solved that very tricky problem of client review, and agreed to work together.
Are there any space or bandwidth limitations to be concerned with for either Vimeo or Wipster customers?
Once on a Wipster Pro account, you get unlimited uploading, and I mean unlimited. You can share 300 versions of an edit, and it’s all within your monthly subscription. Vimeo have their upload limits per account type (Basic, Plus, PRO) and that doesn’t relate to your linked Wipster account. When publishing back to Vimeo, you’ll just need to make sure you have enough space on their platform.
Currently Wipster users upload via Wipster but with the Vimeo partnership you’ll upload to Vimeo once correct? And then it’s seamless back and forth between the two services? No need to upload again?
With the integration you can upload where ever you want and it’ll be available on the other platform. Say, if you have a workflow when edits are uploaded to Vimeo, you can continue doing this, and then with one click open it in Wipster to share out to your clients. Also, if you’re uploading new versions to Wipster for review, and finally approval, your last edit (uploaded with same spec as Vimeo) can then be published straight over to Vimeo, this takes no time at all, as we’ve done a lot of hard work in the backend to make it super fast.
Is this the full Wipster experience or just an “overlay” on top of the Vimeo embed that some other review and approval services offer?
This is the full Wipster experience + the full Vimeo experience, all with one login! You get our frame by frame playback and commenting, and all the benefits of thumbnail images per comment (we create a frame with a dot where you clicked of the video, and use it as reference in the to-do list and in update emails). If anything, your workflow has now become more powerful, and simpler all at the same time.
If you’re currently a Vimeo customer but NOT a Wipster customer will there be an option to use the new Wipster service in the Vimeo interface or is that a separate sign-up elsewhere? And what about the cost?
You can signup to Wipster with your Vimeo login details here wipster.io/vimeo and get your new account and connect it with your Vimeo account. We have a special price of $12 per month per team member (editors, producers etc – your clients are free!) for Vimeo Plus and PRO members (Vimeo Basic is $15 per team member). If you have a Basic or Plus Vimeo account, you can publish video back to Vimeo, if you have a Vimeo PRO account, you can also import video from Vimeo to Wipster (have the full circle experience).  Inversely, if you are a Wipster customer, but do not have a Vimeo account, you will be prompted to set one up when you go to link your accounts.
If you’re currently a Wipster customer and NOT a Vimeo customer is there any added benefit to this partnership?
The benefit really comes from using both products, and using them together. Who doesn’t have a Vimeo account?? 😉   [Editor’s note – I don’t! Actually I do have a free one but I rarely use it.]
And changing the subject …. how is that export of comments back to the NLE feature coming?
You are going to be super happy, we have an announcement in just a few weeks.

February 17, 2016, NEW YORK – Vimeo, committed to providing the highest-quality video platform for creators worldwide, announced a new partnership with Wipster (http://wipster.io/vimeo) that will weave the powerful cloud-based video review platform directly into Vimeo’s creator toolset.

Starting today, Vimeo members can privately share and review videos with clients, colleagues and collaborators through Wipster. Vimeo PRO members can import videos from Vimeo directly to Wipster and gain access to review page features, like in-video commenting and approval status.  Vimeo Basic and Plus members can also join Wipster to use its review tools, and easily publish finished videos back to Vimeo.

“Vimeo’s creator tool products are designed to be the highest quality video workflow solution for creators of all levels, including professionals and businesses,” said Michael Weissman, General Manager, Vimeo. “Wipster shares a similar vision in building powerful, yet intuitive workflow solutions for creators and we are excited to offer their platform to our members.”

“We’re about creative video teams working together” said Rollo Wenlock, Wipster CEO, “it’s fantastic to partner with Vimeo, we share their values of creating high-quality video that can be enjoyed the world over”.

Further demonstrating its commitment to creators, earlier this month Vimeo released one of the top feature requests from its community: the ability to share a video through private video links. Private link sharing makes it easy for creators to share videos without the need for individual permissions or passwords. The feature is part of the advanced privacy settings currently available to Vimeo Plus and PRO members.

About Vimeo

Vimeo’s mission is to empower creators to make, share and sell amazing videos directly to viewers worldwide, in the highest quality possible and with no interruptive advertising. Vimeo is home to the world’s leading video creators and the hundreds of millions of viewers who love them.

Founded in 2004 and based in New York City, Vimeo, LLC is an operating business of IAC (NASDAQ: IAC).

About Wipster

Wipster is a beautiful, intuitive, cloud-based platform that allows teams to collaborate on video content with frame-accurate commenting and automated to-do lists. Wipster brings together teams from wherever they may be to collaborate on work quickly and efficiently, radically streamlining the video review-and approval process.

For more information, or to sign up for Wipster, visit www.wipster.io/vimeo.

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