VFX Workers Next Steps: Pi Day

International Town Hall Meetings (and a sea of green)

After a dramatic few weeks that have seen Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings for VFX Oscar winner Rhythm & Hues, VFX protests at the ceremony, along with a sea of green avatars on Twitter and Facebook, what had been proposed as walk-out for “Pi Day” is now a town hall meeting that will take place in three locations and allow your simultaneous participation worldwide.

Tomorrow is March 14, or 3.14, with the movie Life of Pi having come to represent everything that is wrong with the feature film visual effects business, and which has caused other branches of the entertainment business from motion graphics to screenwriting to examine why the fight by this one branch is a fight for everyone who works for studio clients.

One thoughtful recap of what has happened since the Oscars, with analysis of what's next can be found in this excellent roundtable discussion featuring Scott Squires, Dave Rand, Jeff Heusser and Scott Ross, who was interviewed here last month.

The March 14 meetings will take place in Los Angeles, the Bay Area and Vancouver beginning at 7pm tomorrow, with a Google Hangout live YouTube broadcast beginning at 8pm.

Live event details:

Los Angeles
Gnomon School of Visual Effects
1015 N Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90038

San Francisco Bay Area
32Ten Studios
3210 Kerner Boulevard,
San Rafael, California 94901

Motion Capture Studio (285e)
Intersections Digital Studios
Emily Carr University of Art + Design
1399 Johnston Street (Granville Island), North Building

The organizers request that attendees RSVP via Facebook, where questions for the panel can be posed (based on the number of “likes” each question generates)


Mark Christiansen

Author of After Effects Compositing series at lynda.com; founder of New Scribbler LLC, developer of Cinefex for iPad; Adobe Press author, VFX artist on major motion pictures including Avatar and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End