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Sony Announces New 4K/HD Memory Player

New PMW-PZ1 Delivers Multi-format Support, Flexible Interfaces and Cost-effective Playback and Storage
Written by  |  March 11, 2015
Sony’s new 4K/HD SxS memory player, the PMW-PZ1, is a cost-effective playback and storage solution for 4K/HD shooting and post-production applications. The multi-format player supports 4K (24p to 60p) and HD video, and a variety of formats including XAVC Intra...

Sony Expands Trimaster EL Series with First OLED Designed for Pro Video Production

New BVM-X300 Master Monitor Delivers 4K Resolution, Unequalled High Dynamic Range and Expanded Color Gamut Flexibility
Written by  |  February 13, 2015
Sony’s new BVM-X300 is its first OLED master monitor to combine 4K resolution, High Dynamic Range and a Wide Color Gamut display. The new 30-inch model expands Sony’s Trimaster EL series and provides an OLED option for professional video production applications including color grading, on-set monitoring and quality control in a 4K...

Music Benefit Concert Film and Documentary Find the "Perfect Note" with Sony's PXW-X180

Sony PXW-X180 Is "the perfect tool for what we were doing"
Written by  |  February 3, 2015
“Notes for Notes®” has a unique mission: designing, equipping, and staffing free after-school recording studios inside Boys & Girls Clubs. These “drop-in” recording studio environments give youth aged six to 18 the opportunity to explore, create and record music – from engineering and theory to instrumentals and songwriting. The...

Sony PXW-X180 Camera Review

1080 60p, Variable ND, and a load of great features found in this versatile hand-held camera.
Written by  |  November 23, 2014
Just when you thought 1/3 inch cameras were on the way out, Sony goes ahead and makes a versatile hand-held camera with quite a few surprisingly good features.  From professional codecs, great slow-motion capabilities and a ND filter upgrade that really needs to be included in all of Sony's cameras.  When...

Chernobly Project - A Personal Documentary Project with Sony's 4K FS700 Camcorder

Showing more than the typical journalistic point-of-view
Written by  |  June 20, 2014
My passion for digital imagery has been with me my whole life. I started in photography when I got my first camera at age 13. It was fully manual so I had to learn how to do it all myself. Then I got into video, using my father’s VHS home video...

Which Sony Camera is Going to Work Better for Your Production, the PXW-Z100 or PMW-300?

A review of both cameras to help you make the right choice
Written by  |  May 28, 2014
I decided to review both of these cameras together. Why? Well because many of the people I have met recently have been looking at both of these cameras as possible options. The price of both of these...
A useful feature in many cameras is the ability to shoot time-lapse sequences without any additional equipment. Sony’s EX cameras and many of the newer shoulder mount broadcast cameras have the ability to do this using the “Interval Record” function. However the F5, F55, FS100 and FS700 don’t have this feature and at...

Traveling with F55

Written by  |  August 14, 2013
I've been lucky enough to travel all around Australia with my Sony F55 since I purchased it in February 2013. The nature of my work means that I travel to some of this country's most remote regions. This has given me the opportunity to really test the F55 by exposing it to extremely harsh conditions, while at the same time allowing me...

4,000 Reasons Why I Like The FS700

Written by  |  August 13, 2013
In 2003, when professional skateboarder Danny Way debuted the first Mega Ramp in The DC Video, the Sony VX1000 DV camcorder was the weapon of choice for almost every professional skateboard cinematographer.  Only 480 vertical lines of resolution to capture a skateboarder drop in on a ramp the size of a roller...
I decided to look at some raw clips I shot with the Sony FS700 and R5 recorder. On the Sony booth there was a PMW-F55 with a 50mm f2 Sony PL lens next to an FS700 with the 18-200mm Sony...
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