UltraStudio Mini Monitor: competition to AJA's T-TAP?

Let's compare the T-TAP and the UltraStudio Mini Monitor. Both offer inexpensive monitoring with proper rasters and framerates from your Thunderbolt Mac.
Allan Tépper
By Allan Tépper 10.30.12


Wait a minute! AJA just recently started shipping its US$295 T-TAP (I published my review yesterday) and already Blackmagic is about to deliver its new UltraStudio Mini Monitor for only US$145? C’mon! That’s less than half of the price of the T-TAP! You probably know that they are both out-only Thunderbolt audio/video interfaces. Ahead, you’ll see what’s the same and what’s different between AJA’s T-TAP and Blackmagic’s UltraStudio Mini Monitor.

Comparison chart between AJA’s T-TAP and Blackmagic’s UltraStudio Mini Monitor


If you read the comparison chart above, you’ll see that there are many more similarities than differences. If you need to monitor 2K or 3D over HDMI, you can justify the extra cost of the T-TAP. If you use a DreamColor monitor and are willing to use CPU-based color space conversion (see my related T-TAP article), the T-TAP will actually work out to be less expensive since it won’t require the US$495 “Band-Aid”. If you ever want to do grading using DaVinci Resolve, the T-TAP is out. See my related article UltraStudio Mini Monitor works with DaVinci Resolve for US$145, but should you use it for serious grading? to determine whether the UltraStudio Mini Monitor is in or out for you.

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