Transmedia LA Launches Transmedia U

For the last three years, since I have been involved with Transmedia Los Angeles, I have been personally invested in learning more about how to create and produce new forms of storytelling. I am not alone, as 90% of our membership is filled with people looking to learn, mingle with like like minds and collaborate with them. Now that I am the “Captain” of LA’s largest Meetup group collective of Transmedia professionals and enthusiasts, I felt really strongly that we needed to launch a top notch educational program. Along with my leadership team and some very talented experts like award winning author and Emmy award winning writer, Maureen McHugh, we have made this a reality.

Last week Transmedia LA officially launched, Transmedia U, (U is short for University). Transmedia U is a series of workshops, classes and seminars, taught by professionals in the interactive storytelling field.  These classes are open to working professionals who want to broaden their skills and newcomers.

TransmediaU opens this fall with a series of three classes that cover the basics of digital storytelling (writing, game design, production).  Classes are small, and students work on projects that help them practice the skills of internet storytelling. Classes begin Thursday, September 12th, so sign up now as seating is limited. To sign up, and for those seeking more information on classes, please go to:


Hal Hefner