TouchEdit demoed live and in person at LACPUG

Thanks to the world of Twitter we can all see the presentation too
Scott Simmons
By Scott Simmons 01.24.13

At the January 23 Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group meeting Dan Lebental was on hand to show off his iPad editing app TouchEdit. We talked about TouchEdit a couple of weeks ago and got some interesting comments over from Dan himself. I think this will be an incredibly interesting app for editors and despite what I'm sure will be debated as a high price ($50) for an iPad app, if it can truly deliver on being an offline tool for professional editors, in addition to just a fun editor on the iPad, then it will be unique in the market. Thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter (and in particular Shane Ross) we can see an almost realtime stream of the TouchEdit presentation.

Shane Ross is an editor working in LA and creator of the great post-production blog Little Frog in Hi Def. His Twitter stream was the one to watch for the TouchEdit presentation. Thanks to Shane (and all the others at the meeting) who were tweeting pics for everyone to see.

And Monica Daniel did grab a few photos too (check out her great blog post about defining your success as an editor):

One thing worth noting when talking about an offline / proxy to online finishing workflow with TouchEdit was this tweet from TouchEdit when I asked about Avid Media Composer support a couple of weeks ago:

That's exciting! I can't wait to try it out and Media Composer support should certainly be expected (if at all possible) in an app coming from a feature film editor.

And if you're in San Francisco next week then you can see TouchEdit at the SuperMeet: