Topaz ReMask 5 works with Lightroom

Lightroom users can now create masks and layers with Topaz Remask, as the new version works as a standalone program. It works like magic.
Written by  |  August 26, 2015
The previous versions of Topaz ReMask worked only as a plugin, but now the software works also as a standalone program. It is good news for those who need to create masks and layers, but do not have or do not know how to use Photoshop. For photographers who only use...

KEEP CALM: The FAA and sUAVs/Drone Rules UPDATED 8/16

Filtering-out the Facts from Fiction & Paranoia
Written by  |  August 16, 2015

With the publishing of Jack Nicas and Andy Pasztor's speculative and interpretive article in the Wall Street Journal in the fall of 2014, it seems every news agency, media outlet and publication has totally lost their minds in a fit of hysteria liken to Chicken Little proportions; sparking "end of days" tweets and forum discussions throughout the social mediasphere that has brought on an industry-wide panic akin to Orson Wells' War of the Worlds live broadcast radio play. Let's just stop right there and breathe for a moment - turn off the TV, put down that paper and let's look at some facts... (UPDATED 8/16/2015 with FAA News at bottom of article)


A FREE portfolio template for photographers

Distributed by Gavick, the new Portfolio template for Joomla is a good – and free - starting point for photographers or artists looking for a simple and effective way to show their work.
Written by  |  August 11, 2015
Premium design, absolutely free, that’s how Gavick, a popular name in the world of templates for Joomla and Wordpress, presents their new Portfolio template for Joomla, prepared for Joomla 3 and FREE. It’s a way to celebrate 10 years of...

How to open Photo CD files

Born in 1990, the Kodak .PCD format was orphan a decade later. Only a few programs use Kodak’s format these days.
Written by  |  August 6, 2015
If you’re too young, the term Photo CD may not mean much, but if you’re old enough, you know it is not easy to open this type of files. Only a few programs use Kodak’s format these days, although many professional photographers used the format for archiving...

Full Frame is smaller than Micro Four Thirds

Which camera is smaller: the Micro Four Thirds Olympus OM-D E-M1 or the Full Frame Sony A7R II? If you said Olympus, you’re wrong.
Written by  |  August 4, 2015
People have the perception that Micro Four Thirds is a very small format, meaning small cameras, but they should probably look again: the new full frame Sony A7R II is smaller than the Micro Four Thirds Olympus OM-D E-M1! And this is just one example that the...

My Photos Are Not Royalty-Free – 2

Following a previous article about my photographs appearing as Royalty-Free on a Google index, I was contacted by 500px Customer Excellence team, stating it was all a “mix up”. It makes sense to return to the subject and try to clarify a few things.
Written by  |  July 13, 2015
To fully understand the story it is a good idea to read the original article, My Photos Are Not Royalty-Free, which I can summarize here in a few words: “When I recently browsed the web to show some images to a friend, I found a Google entry under...

Revolution in Resolution: 10 Years of EOS 5D

Heat, price and performance and the requirement for a lot more circuitry are some of the reasons why the new EOS 5Ds and EOS 5Ds R do not have 4K video. The high resolution, 50MP, is one more reason. But they offer more than 8K, in fact.
Written by  |  July 7, 2015
With enough pixels to keep the crown as the highest resolution DSLR cameras for a while, and entering without trouble into medium format space, something that Canon has dreamed about for quite some time, the EOS 5Ds and EOS 5Ds R are amazing cameras, but...

EOS 5DS R: A Real World Review

While there are many “opinions” online about the new 50MP cameras from Canon, photographers aiming to see real world results may have less choice. A video published by Michael Tapes may be a good option.
Written by  |  June 29, 2015
The 12 minute video available online can be seen as a sales pitch for Michael Tapes Design products like the Lens Align or FocusTune, tools to micro-adjust AF of your lenses and camera, but that’s a simplistic appreciation of it. The author says he...

My Photos Are Not Royalty-Free

Have you checked how your images appear online? If you use a photo-sharing website you probably should. You may discover, as I did, you’re selling them Royalty-Free, without knowing it.
Written by  |  June 24, 2015
When I recently browsed the web to show some images to a friend, I found a Google entry under “royalty-free stock photos from Jose Antunes | 500px Prime”. I never gave 500px permission to market my photos for me, so I had to...

Drone Aerial Photography Contest

After a successful first edition, the Drone Aerial Photography contest is back in 2015. Participants have until June 30 to send their photos to this competition.
Written by  |  June 22, 2015
Dronestagram, a platform online for everyone interested into aerial videos and photos, partnered again with National Geographic for their Drone Aerial Photography Contest, which runs until the end of June, accepting photos for the themes of...
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