Workflow, Storage & Archive

A Better, Smarter Way to Approach Your Workflow and Archive

Breaking down logistical and philosophical asset management barriers in media & entertainment
Written by  |  February 27, 2015
A key element around our continued exploration of what asset management means for companies of all sizes is the way in which assets are created, organized and stored. A single image can be reused in an infinite number of ways, but how are all those different versions being saved? Is the original image easily accessible? How is everything being...

Exploring Workflow, Storage & Archive in M&E - Value Propositions for All

An interview with the CTO of Signiant around SaaS solutions that are both scalable and easy to use
Written by  |  February 20, 2015
As we continue to explore what workflow, storage & archive mean for professionals in...

Exploring Workflow, Storage & Archive in M&E Part II – The Carrot or the Stick?

How do you get people to buy into a new or different process?
Written by  |  February 19, 2015

The Digitization and Distribution of PBS

Open Text helps viewers across the world access shows like Downton Abbey, Sesame Street and Sherlock
Written by  |  February 5, 2015
2014 was a big year for PBS, as it marked their 45th anniversary as a broadcaster. That wasn’t the only milestone for them though, as they also saw their content streamed millions of time and accessed in ways it had never been distributed or watched across the entire world. There’s little doubt that helped them become the number five...

Exploring Workflow, Storage & Archive in M&E Part I – Isn’t This Someone Else’s Problem?

ProMAX Systems' Jess Hartmann helps us dig into how professionals across the industry can and should think of asset management
Written by  |  February 3, 2015
The nuts and bolts of the creative process are not my specialty. When I worked at a post house, I had my own system for versioning, and it was not one my coordinator appreciated. Even when I’m grabbing footage...

Review - Wipster

Can something so simple and free be any good?
Written by  |  January 22, 2015
There have been a couple of great articles here on PVC in the last little while about Review and Approval.  Scott Simmons had an article that focused on the Review and Approval options for you out there, and Dorian Heller had
Issues surrounding workflow, storage and archive are things video productions of every size are dealing with more and more these days. Whether you’re working with a team or just by yourself, if you don’t know how you’re going to utilize and handle your digital content in the short term and long term, you’re going to be in for some major...

5 Questions to Help Us Understand 5 Content Marketing Challenges

Leslie Weller from Canto talks to us about the best practices to help overcome current marketing challenges
Written by  |  August 25, 2014
The various emerging digital channels presents new challenges for marketers to not only develop the content marketing pieces but also how to effectively manage and share those items.

Transforming DAM Into a True End-to-End Solution

An interview with Jill Talvensaari, from IO Integration
Written by  |  July 14, 2014
Jill Talvensaari’s 20-year career in integrated technology marketing and product management spans startups and industry leaders alike, including Adobe, Microsoft, and Equifax. She’s created and directed worldwide...

What Are the Essential Features of a DAM System?

An interview with John Price from Open Text
Written by  |  June 9, 2014
DAM Coalition is a platform that gives professionals across the industry the ability to showcase their thoughts, experiences and knowledge with the community in a variety of ways. As such, we're talking with those...
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