This video says goodbye to Firewire 400

Yes it’s silly but it will remind you about a lot of stuff

I remember big, boxy Firewire 400 drive from some unknown company so many years ago that I can’t even remember when it was. When I showed it to my SCSI-loving editor/engineer he thought it was nuts and I wouldn’t use it for more than one job. Well we see where SCSI went. And I ended up with a lot of Firewire 400 drives after that. And I still have a lot of them. With the new Apple updates this week Firewire 400 is going. It’s 800 only now. TUAW has a post with this video embeded and it really reminded me just how many Firewire 400 drives, interfaces and appliances there are out there with Firewire 400. So get your 400 to 800 adapter and keep on working!

Scott Simmons

Scott Simmons

Scott Simmons was born in rural West Tennessee and didn’t really realize that movies and tv had to be made by actual people until he went to college. After getting degrees in both Television Production and Graphic Design he was in one of the early graduating classes at the Watkins Film School in Nashville, Tennessee. During that time at Watkins he discovered editing. While most of his classmates in film school wanted to be directors, Scott saw real career opportunities in post production and took a job as an assistant editor after completing film school. In 1999, Scott took the leap into freelancing and in 2007 accepted a position as an editor at Filmworkers – Nashville. In 2005 Scott created The Editblog a website dedicated to all things editing and post-production which is now housed here at PVC. Someday he hopes to edit on a beach with a touch screen device, a wireless hard drive and a Red Stripe.