The One Collaboration I Need Adobe To Make

I don't think I'm really asking I?
Bruce A Johnson
By Bruce A Johnson 09.07.11


Hey folks, been gone a while, but it's fall and time to get back in the swing of things. One of the interesting side-effects of writing for PVC is that I am on just about every PR person's mail list. Usually these missives are easy to toss to the side, but the other day I got one from Adobe, talking up their presence at IBC 2011 in Amsterdam (for the record, IBC is the international version of NAB, held in early September every year.) As a long-time Premiere Pro and CS-suite convert, I paid a little bit more attention to this one than average. Unfortunately, I neglected to save the URL, but the gist of it was this:

(Paraphrasing) 'Adobe has had an incredible year, and we are at IBC showing products and working on collaborations with all kinds of other companies.'

Well, that's cool, if a little vague. But what it did was to ping the bell in my head over the ONE thing I want with Premiere Pro that has so far eluded me:

I want an external fader box so I can stop mixing audio with a mouse or keyframes! Lots of other NLE's have this ability, so why not Premiere Pro?

Believe me, the faders are out there - I make a pilgrimage to the JL Cooper booth at NAB every year to ask the question, and the "sorry, dude" reply is getting old.

It doesn't have to be a full-blown audio board - just one nice, long-throw physical fader (that could be assigned to any track) would make me the happiest editor in my neighborhood. If I am missing a product that already does this, please let me know in the Comments section, but to the best of my research this beast doesn't exist. Why? Why? WHY?

My claw-of-a-right-hand (after mixing with a mouse) salutes you in advance.