The best James Bond 007 car chase of them all

The joy of editing in yet another YouTube video
Scott Simmons
By Scott Simmons 10.07.12

Friday, October 5 was Global James Bond Day and I meant to post this very cool 007 car chase montage then but the day got away from me. The video was cut together by Sky in the UK to celebrate the launch of Sky Movies 007 HD. So if you get that channel you can see that "all the Bond films will be available to enjoy in one place, in HD, on demand and without ad breaks." Pretty cool and this video they produced is a very well executed edit of many different car chases from many of the Bond films.

Whether your favorite James Bond automobile was a Lotusor an Aston Martin perusing a list of the James Bond vehicles is a must for any automotive movie fan.

If you haven't seen the trailer for the next Bond film, Skyfall, then it's available too:

And while you're add it take in the this official "lyric video" that was released of the new Skyfall theme song from Adele.