The Why of Transmedia

One of my favorite TED talks of the past couple of years is Start With Why in which the wonderful Simon Sinek talks about his simple and elegant golden circle – “The model that codifies the three distinct and interdependent elements (Why, How, What) that makes any person or organization function at its highest ability.

Based on the biology of human decision making, it demonstrates how the function of our limbic brain and the neocortex directly relate to the way in which people interact with each other and with organizations and brands in the formation of cultures and communities.

In the book of the same name – start with why he brings examples of companies that start with why in their message – such as Apple. His idea is people don't buy and follow what you do but why you do it.

I believe we can use the same model for Transmedia and inspire people with our storyworlds,

WHY – In our case is where we start – the storyworld or transmedia storytelling which start with a question: why do you want to tell the story? what is the message you want to convey. this is where the story centric pulse of Transmedia comes from –

your storyworld, the universe you are creating, the sum of all charcters, the message you are trying to convey. What are your core beliefs, idiologies, MO that drive you to tell the story – the big ideas.

HOW – how are you going to tell this story? this is where multiplatform media comes into play – using different platforms to tell and develop you stories. those platforms can attrack engage and lead your audience all over your storyverse and help them have an enhanced experiece. this also helps you spread your why your message to a broader audience.

WHAT – what you are actually producing: film, video, audio, arg, games, social media, book, art

If we look at the big storyworlds of the past few years its always the ones that truly tells the hero's journey to which the audience gravitates.

I am not saying anything new but saying – tell a better story.

But as our story expands on different mediums, running cross platform and interactive and attracting different audiences, what it really boils down to is create an amazing WHY in your worlds and people will want to jump into this world – as long as you engage and attract them enough – which is another story…



Maya Zuckerman