The convergence of Transmedia – why I love the new concept of Transvergence!!!

(Carey Thompson amazing portal at burning man 2012 – see here for more of his phenomenal work).

We are in a flood of new ideas, concepts, memes and the new creation of our collective mythology.

New created words are flooding us trying to convey the reality that we are experiencing.

Transmedia is such a word that created a starting point for people who wanted to explain how storytelling and technology interact with our audience to create new experiences.
We need a word to explain what we do, organize, get behind it, go against it , be annoyed by it – but at least something to define this brave new world we have all stepped into.
But its beyond this – it a word that describes media/content/audience/story ecosystems.

An ecosystem in its original concept is the complex of a community of organisms and its environment functioning as an ecological unit.

So if we take this concept and put it on the idea of media/content/audience/tech and how they interact with each other we get the transmedia ecosystem.

Convergence is the act of converging (to come together and unite in a common interest or focus) and especially moving toward union or uniformity;

If you have been in more than one cultural ecosystem in the last 10 years you have definitely seen this word.
From Henry Jenkins convergence culture to the new Silicon Valley event: – which is Creative Convergence Silicon Valley to every new age event using that word for the symbolizes of where humanity it evolving to.
And of course – there was last year’s big number – 2012

So by taking these two concepts the Transvergence Summit  by ideation is moving the complex system of transmedia into a union of best practices, ideas, and hopefully a thriving business ecosystem.

I believe this first event will start stir this community in the right direction.
We, the practitioners, thought leaders and creators of this storyworld need some focus and direction in this ever-evolving, ever changing, agile, lean and mean business world.

Hopefully this event is the start of many great collaborations, projects and distruptions to come.



Maya Zuckerman