Sound & Picture & Zombies

False advertising: no zombies.

The Spring edition of Sound & Picture is now available for free download here.

Good stuff as usual, but of note was this quote from mixer Steven Morrow, C.A.S., regarding his days on Big Love:

The rooms on set didn’t have anything movable and the had real ceilings, {b}ut this didn’t slow down Morrow’s crew. “HBO like to rotate their cinematographers around, so we would get a variety of guys on set shooting multiple cameras with a wide and a medium shot, but the DP’s would manage to keep the head room for us,” says Morrow. “HBO is definitely more old school. They allow you to do what’s right and want more of the perspective from sound rather than just capturing it….”.

It’s disheartening to hear yet another example of how being allowed to do our job properly is becoming the rare exception; kudos to HBO for keeping an ear on quality.



John Tumaque