RED Helium sensor is new DxOMark benchmark

DxO Labs announced that RED’s new HELIUM sensor has earned an unprecedented 108 point DxOMark sensor score, setting a new benchmark in image quality.

Red Helium sensor is new DxOMark benchmark

While one has to understand why RED will use this on its behalf, as all other brands do, believing that a sensor score makes a system is a wrong starting point to define winners.

For starters, there is a huge price difference between the RED cameras used for the DXO Labs test and the general equipment that populates the charts provided by the company. This, in practical terms, means that you’re comparing apples and oranges… or, to be fair, apples and some exotic fruit that costs a whole lot of money…

DxO Labs says that DxOMark sensor scores are determined by a panel of imaging experts who use a systematic testing process to measure the ISO sensitivity, noise and color sensitivity of each camera’s RAW sensor performance. They say, they decide… and the crowd cheers. Jarred Land, President of RED Digital Cinema, says what is expected of him: “To achieve the best imaging technology on the planet, it starts with building the best sensors on the planet. This score from DxO validates all of our efforts and I could not be happier with our HELIUM sensor.”

No need to dispute his words. RED has carved a place for itself within the industry, with or without any DxOMark classification. And what will RED do when it gets dethroned, one of these days, by another test from DxO? Because it will happen.

The DxO Labs tests have long been debated as problematic. They do not represent real world conditions and the best general advice about them is one: take it all with a grain of salt. That seems to be the general consensus amid those that – still – discuss the theme. Still, if you want to read more about the new HELIUM sensor’s test findings and why it received the highest score ever recorded, go and generate some more traffic at DxO Labs.

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