Michael Kahn talks, Twitter lets us all be there

The Q and A after a recent Lincoln screening reveals some good editing advice
Scott Simmons
By Scott Simmons 01.31.13

Last night (January 30) there was a screening of a little movie called LincolnAfter that screening there was a question and answer session with the film's editor Michael Kahn. We all know Michael Kahn as Steven Speilberg's legendary editor but he's cut for other directors too so any chance to hear a great editor speak is bound to be filled with lots of gems other editors can use as well. Once again thanks to the magic of Twitter (and some fast thumbs from the tweeters), it's almost like we were all there!

This Q and A was held on the Disney lot and hosted by Norman Hollyn. Thanks to the usual crew of Los Angeles-based editors on Twitter who posted a lot of the words of wisdom from Mr. Kahn. While there are a lot of people on Twitter there's still a lot more who aren't and I always get a message or two from people who aren't on Twitter thanking me for posting all these tweets from all these events that many of us can't attend. The real thanks should go to those folks like Dan Wolfmeyer, Monica Daniel, Adam Bedford and Jamie Cobb who bring the fine tweets to those of us who aren't in LA. And host Norman Hollyn has his own Twitter account as well but he was busy running the Q and A and really didn't have time to tweet. Plus that would have been rude.

We'll start off with Dan's first:

Jamie grabbed some good ones:

And some from Adam:

And finally Monica's:

That's some good stuff. I didn't paste in all the tweets so hit Dan, Monica, Adam and Jamie's Twitter feeds to read more. Or search the #Kahn hashtag and dig deeper. I left out all the discussion of Michael Kahn taking his teeth out so if you want to know more about that then comb through their feeds. That was a rather funny moment I'm sure.