Made with After Effects

Enter this competition; win prizes and be part of our live webcast.
Chris and Trish Meyer
By Chris and Trish Meyer 12.19.12

We are happy to announce that for the third year in a row, we will be working with the folks from motion for their annual Made with After Effects show. Upload a piece up to 3 minutes long that heavily involved After Effects in creation, and you will have a chance to win prizes and get some well-deserved public recognition.

We're interested in all modes of expression in After Effects; last year's winners included PSAs, experimental films, a music video, corporate work, and a site-based outdoor projection. You will also be asked to upload your After Effects project file (no source material necessary) so we can verify you didn't use AE just to edit together a few clips rendered from another program - and to make sure your project files are as clean as your work is inspirational.

The entry deadline is January 9, 2013. As many will no doubt be distracted by the holidays, we suspect there may be fewer entries than usual, so here's your chance to break through the clutter and have people see how good your work is. The winners will be announced during a live webcast (register to attend live or online so you will be eligible for prizes) from the historic Kimo theatre in Albuquerque on January 23rd. In addition to showing the winners, we'll be critiquing the pieces and commenting on why they were chosen, while also looking back on 20 years of After Effects - which was first released in January 1993 (where as the time gone?!?).

Click here for more information and to enter. We look forward to seeing your work.