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Rich Young
By Rich Young 10.10.12




Here's the latest week or so of assorted After Effects tutorials, tips, and scripts & plug-ins new and old.{C}

Beat Assistant from Mamoworld is a new tool from AE Scripts that detects "the bpm (beats per minute) of wav, mp3 and aif files and use it to generate markers or keyframes and to stagger layers." There are several more tutorials to get you running beyond these:

Francois Tarlier noted several of his free plug-ins that have been converted to the native After Effects format by Tobias Fleischer. Here's a demo of one, ft-Filmic Contrast Lite:

Create A Theatrical Logo Sting Using Plexus 2 by Lloyd Alvarez shows some Plexus leverages native AE text, and includes source files.

There's a new term for October at fxphd -- check out the listing of courses. An example is AFX223: After Effects Expressions Bootcamp with Harry Frank, "a new course focused on After Effects expressions programming. If you are new to the topic, or if you have some experience in the course topic, Harry will guide you from the basics into the heavy-duty code."

The Annual Toolfarm Top Ten Plug-in Awards is Back! Enter to Win Prizes Through Nov. 15th 2012. Last year's Top Ten Results of After Effects Plug-ins:

  1. Trapcode Particular

  2. Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks

  3. Boris Continuum Complete

  4. Video Copilot Optical Flares

  5. GenArts Sapphire

  6. Red Giant Magic Bullet Colorista

  7. The Foundry Keylight (Included in AE)

  8. Trapcode Shine

  9. Imagineer Systems mocha

  10. Noise Industries FxFactory Pro

In Episode 88: The Making of Form 17, Seth Worley walks you through processes from his latest movie.

Harry Frank released some After Effects Presets: Element 3D NullTracker and LightCulling. Here's the demo:

It's the time of year for fairies and elves. Film Riot wants to help you to Turn Your Friends into Fairies!, while lures with Fantasy Elf Shot from Start to Finish using mocha Pro and After Effects. Here's Mary Poplin with an advanced tutorial:

Then in 3D Camera Solve with Element 3D & After Effects - Part1, "product manager Martin Brennand shows you how to use the mocha v3.1 camera solver to solve a scenes camera and moving object to attach a 3D object to a man's head. 3D Object created in Element 3D from Video Copilot."

Fabian Moron Zirfas shows How To Isolate And Style Motion Blur In Your Animation in Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 "includes the use of Ease and Wizz script and the wihihihiggle script. We will edit the wiggle expression to fit our needs and take a peek into the graph editor for creating smooth keyframes. Finally we set this up to render so we can isolate the motion blur in Part 2." Part 2 also includes a peek into the Separate RGB and Starglow plug-ins.

, by Raul Silva/Jack of All Trades, presents some steps to get started with volumetric spheres in After Effects.

Motion Control 3D: Bringing Your Photos to Life in Three Dimensions with Richard Harrington is a new workshop at See also pt_Multiplane, a script from Paul Tuersley, and AE Portal archive posts tagged multiplane animationcamera mapping, and the AE camera. Here's the intro and an explanation of multiplane techniques by Walt Disney from 1957:




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