Just a Tad Of the Nomad

Quick peek at the Zaxcom Nomad Portable Recorder

Zaxcom (actually, Coffey Sound) officially announces the Zaxcom Nomad Portable Recorder.

The Big Z hasn’t updated its website just yet, so all specs, images and video are via coffeysound.com. Here are the major highlights:

• 12 Recording tracks on dual CompactFlash or SD Media
• Wi-Fi USB modem file transfer10-Channel auto mixer
• ZaxNet IFB, timecode and wireless microphone remote control system
• Visual timecode slate
• 16 input x 16 output digital audio mixer

• 6 XLR mic/line level balanced inputs
• 4 balanced line-level camera return or mix inputs
• 115db dynamic range
• External slate mic input
• Zaxcom ultra low noise, ultra low distortion transformer-less preamps

• 4 balanced XLR / 3 dual balanced TA5 (6 bus)
• 0dB, -10dB and -30dB selectable output levels
• 2 mono and tape output busses
• 2 stereo headphone output busses
• Communications channel output Effects
• Channel Dynamics: High pass filter, 2 notch filters, Delay, Limiter, Soft knee compressor
• Bus Dynamics: Soft knee compressor Recording
• 4, 6, 8 or 12 track recording on dual CompactFlash cards (model dependent)
• Instantly removable media
• 10 second pre-record buffer
• MARF and FAT32 file systems
• IXML metadata recording

While there are multiple inputs listed along with 8 and 12 track versions, so far there only appear to be 6 dedicated mic/line jacks. I suspect that this is by design, so as not to cannibalize the rest of the line from the Fusion on up. In addition, any mixing capabilities listed are denoted as “auto”, further delineating this from the Fusion.

This is clearly intended to be competitive with Sound Devices’ line of compact recorders, and shares a similar footprint and price point at $5500 MSRP for the 8 track version. However, while the unit is limited to 6 inputs, it also incorporates Zaxnet, which broadcasts IFB, timecode and wireless mic transmitter control signals, making the Nomad the envy of the Swiss Army’s AV department:

Zaxcom: On the Cutting Edge.

SD’s 788T has more inputs, but is a dedicated recorder (internal routing notwithstading). It will be interesting to watch how the market reacts over the next year in terms of price and feature matching. I have a request in for some QT with Nomad when the dust settles after NAB, so stay tuned. Until then, please to enjoy this clip from the fine folks at Coffey Sound:

Zaxcom Nomad from Coffey Sound on Vimeo.

Link to product page.

(Note: I have no affiliation with Coffey Sound whatsoever, they’re merely the sole source for info at the moment)


John Tumaque