Introducing the New Grass Valley ADVC G-Series Multi-Purpose Digital Video Converters

The Grass Valley™ ADVC® G-Series of affordable, multi-purpose digital video converters are at the leading edge of technology, and the latest additions to the renowned ADVC family.

Housed in a practical and compact 1/3 RU form factor, these four converters tackle a variety of different A/V tasks and are particularly well suited to events and staging, corporate AV centers, and broadcast display applications.

All ADVC G-Series converters include a frame synchronizer (FS) and full format support. The ADVC G1 and G2 includes scaling features, while the ADVC G3 includes multiplexing features.

In each of the products below we have provided two quick review notes from our Techs that answer the most important questions of any converter: What does it do? And who needs it?

Any In to SDI Multi-Functional Converter/ Upconverter with Frame Synchronizer

HDMI & SDI to Analog & SDI Multi-Functional Converter/ Downconverter with Frame Synchronizer

2X SDI to HDMI Converter/ Multiplexer with 3D Support

Sync Generator with Reference In

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