Introducing Transmedia Coalition

The first major online resource covering cross-platform, transmedia storytelling and more

Createasphere is proud to announce the launch of Transmedia Coalition, which joins the highly successful online communities, and as an industry-leading news resource. TMC will feature exclusive content provided by prolific thought-leaders and experts in the transmedia space.  

“Transmedia Coalition gives us a chance to connect with people who are curious about transmedia and want to know more about it,” says Kate McCallum, Managing Editor of TMC.  “The industry is growing and changing at an incredible pace, so giving people a place to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies is essential.” 

TMC is also where you'll get the latest updates about the TransVergence Summit, a groundbreaking conference that will give you an exclusive look at the latest trends in the rapidly merging worlds of technology, story and branded content. Only at the Summit will you meet such a cross-section of high-level creatives and marketing executives who work collaboratively on multiplatform, immersive projects and brands. You'll see the latest tools and platforms and meet the decision-makers who could greenlight and fund your latest project or technological breakthrough. 


Launched in 2008, has grown to serve the content creation community in more than 60 countries with more than 40 online contributors and several key topic areas. Since acquiring the Pro Coalitions Createasphere had expanded the communities by more than 20% and launched a new Coalition covering digital asset management. TMC is the latest addition to this vibrant and growing group.

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Jeremiah Karpowicz

Jeremiah Karpowicz

Jeremiah Karpowicz moved to Los Angeles to become a screenwriter but quickly realized making a film was about much more than the script. He worked at a post house where films like Watchmen (2009), Gamer (2009), and Green Lantern (2011) came through the door, but settled in as the Executive Editor of ProVideo Coalition, a publication which pulls together content from working professionals across media & entertainment. He’s shot, edited, and posted video content from various trade shows for PVC and writes for the site regularly.