How to fix embedded Vimeo videos on your Kindle Fire HD

I consider the Kindle Fire HD to be the best tablet to consume content. Now, fix the way embedded Vimeo videos appear.
Allan Tépper
By Allan Tépper 12.25.12

Whether or not you read my recent comparative article about the popular smaller tablets (iPad mini, Kindle Fire HD, and Nexus 7), if you or your clients own or have access to a Kindle Fire HD, you may have noticed that embedded Vimeo videos in the Silk browser unfortunately don’t access the HD version. Instead, the Silk browser sadly accesses the smallest mobile phone version of the Vimeo video and blows it up to 720p, which makes it look quite pixelated. Ahead you’ll find a solution to that problem and simultaneously correct two other ones to boot…

Link to my comparative tablet article

Here is a link to my article from November 5, 2012: Small tablets (Kindle Fire HD, iPad mini, Nexus 7) for content producers and consumers

If you read that article, you know that for the primary purpose of consuming content (especially if you read Kindle books, and/or are an Amazon Prime member and watch Prime Instant Movies and videos), the Kindle Fire HD has many advantages that go way beyond its hardware superiority compared with the other two mini tablets.

Three weaknesses I’ve found with the Silk browser in the Kindle Fire HD

As of the publication date of this article, I’ve found the following three weaknesses with the included Silk browser:

  • Amazon is watching whatever you browse.
  • The Silk browser sometimes redirects you to another place when it suits Amazon.
  • Embedded HD Vimeo videos are shown with the lowest mobile phone resolution and blown up to 720p (despite making corrective adjustments in Silk’s and the Kindle Fire HD’s preferences, which apparently affect other things, not Vimeo embedded videos).

Fortunately, all three problems are solved in the next section, and I promise that no rooting is required!

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  • How to resolve all three Silk weaknesses in the Kindle Fire HD

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