How Do Successful Media Producers Connect With Modern Audiences?

You’re a successful media producer. But your audience is distracted, the competition is ferocious and you’re not getting any younger.

Also your business is SO old-school – it still pays out, but the budgets for Film and TV are falling and these once thriving business models do not include new technology the audience is so hot for – what do you do?

Transmedia Fanboy, Fangirl – Fandom Rules!

Think about the audience. Take five and rediscover your “Inner Fan”. For me, that means the 10 year old me; my obsessions with punk rock ‘n’ roll bands, my love of books and stories, and my fascination with black and white gangster films.

What does your Inner Fan want you to create?

Exciting, compelling, breath-taking stories?

Wide Eyed Wonder

My obsessions were hugely important to me growing up, as they are again now. I try to create the same feeling of pure excitement I got from film, TV and music as a kid. But now, as part of new kinds of media experiences that play out across different devices and platforms.

That’s where audience attention is focused; on these unchartered territories of new technology – aka Transmedia.

So how do you get your story to connect?

Have an impact?

Fan The Flames

When working with clients on project development or making content for delivery onto new devices and platforms, I always revisit my own wide eyed (and eared!) wonder… To create PERSONAL connections, WOW moments and audience INCLUSION.

It’s a sure fire way to get right into the modern audience’s hearts and minds. They have so many more choices of viewing and interacting today. Traditional media companies struggle to compete in this new arena. So your content must be special.

You need magical means for the audience to respond and get caught up in the experience – as a FAN.

So get your Fandom on!


Krishna Stott