Forums, Newsletters, Google Friends, Oh My!

Lions, Tigers and Bears


Launching a website forum in 2009 is no easy prospect. There are already some great forums and lists out there, and most folks have already made a home, and a habit at returning and exchanging ideas, asking questions, and getting inspired at their favorite forum watering hole. We’d like you to consider PVC Forums. For forums to be successful, there needs to be critical mass of people and postings. PVC has the critical mass, and now we’re ready to start promoting the forums as an excellent place to exchange ideas, ask those questions, and of course…get inspired. The experts writing at PVC will also be tuning in on occasion and perhaps answer to respond with commentary.

Live Chats are also coming in 2009. Stay tuned for live product manager chats with the leading vendors.

Newsletters are coming soon. Real soon. To get on the newsletter distribution list, you’ll need to register here. You can also use the forums here, to let us know what newsletters you’d like to see first. Cameras? Motion Graphics? Web Video?

Google Friend Connect
If you noticed the bottom of the homepage, we’re jumping on the Google Friend bandwagon. Similar to our Linkedin Group, and Twitter, it’s one more way to connect with fellow users, and follow PVC.

Lest we forget FaceBook, and the fact that we haven’t been promoting that at all…until today. PVC Facebook Group

If you’re still reading, check out our community on Ning:

More ways to share community that you can shake a dead (insert least favorite animal here) at.


Scott Gentry