Filmmaker Jeremy Hunt Fixes It In Post

405 Director Showcases the Power of Autodesk's Smoke With New Short

Last month we were treated to a tease from Autodesk of 'FIX IT IN POST', a short about an augmented reality created totally by using Smoke. Written, directed, and edited by Jeremy Hunt, the short utilizes Autodesk Smoke to showcase it’s potential as an all in one editing and digital effects suite.

What starts off as a seemingly mundane breakup scene quickly spirals into chaos. Our disorientated hero is faced with random explosions, vanishing car chases, and an ex girlfriend that wants him to diffuse a bomb. All of this is orchestrated by the editor, only seen as a pair of emotionless hands and an occasional back of the head who seem to have but two goals: wreak havoc and revel in it.

All of this culminates into a fun way to really see what Autodesk Smoke is capable of doing. From small scale muzzle flashes and bomb timer changes, to vanishing cars and instantly changing night to day, Smoke really can do it all. It’s great to see a company willing to take a unique and creative direction in showing what their product can do, something I would expect from a company that sells creative tools.

As a short, FIX IT IN POST is fun and easily relatable as an editor. As a showcase of Autodesk Smoke, it’s a great spread to see just how capable and multifaceted this software is as the actions of the editor actually correspond directly with the action on the screen.  Even if you don't have any interest in editing, you walk away with a general knowledge of not only what Smoke can do but how it does it.  

Be sure to learn more about Autodesk Smoke at You can find more information about Jeremy hunt at his website,



Clint Milby