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New feature makes managing digital assets in bulk faster and easier than ever before

The developers at EnterMedia digital asset management have built two new features that will help simplify the metadata management process and streamline advanced searching. This week we are introducing the multi-edit feature and category editor. These tools allow content managers to save steps and valuable time in the labeling of assets, and empower users to locate files based on a one-click category search.

EnterMedia’s multi-edit feature makes managing digital assets in bulk faster and easier than ever before. Whether you want to relabel a few files on the same page or reassign several thousand scattered items to a newly created category, this process will save a lot of time and hassle. Branding media upon entry into the system in order to keep it all arranged is now just another option in the hands of the empowered user who wields EnterMedia 8.0.

Categories are an easy way to organize assets based on users, teams, projects, dates or any other relevant information that your organizational strategy requires. Once the categories have been created and made available to end users, a single click is all it takes to locate these files. Subcategories allow you to be specific or general when performing this kind of search. For example, you may search for all assets in the 2012 category, or only those in the subcategory of January for that year.

About EnterMedia digital asset management:

EnterMedia is an agile, open source, media asset management server. Using EnterMedia, content creators have the freedom to organize and share their work within a branded, interactive environment. Web Developers have access to the full source code which uses responsive cross-platform web standards such as XML, jQuery, and Web Services. EnterMedia offers centralized access to knowledge in these and other areas which empowers developers to optimize their EnterMedia platform.

Learn more about EnterMedia media asset management http://www.entermediasoftware.com


DAM News Staff