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Eric Escobar is a filmmaker and a filmmaking technology geek. On the filmmaker side, when he was 16, Eric worked as a video store clerk at Bob's Video in Hollister, California, where he was paid to watch movies all day long. A few years later he started making his own movies and never stopped. Eric's films have screened at festivals all over the U.S. and internationally. In 2005, he was awarded an Honorable Mention in Short Filmmaking from the Sundance Grand Jury. Eric has written and directed a dozen short films and a staggering number of industrial videos, commercials and PSAs. On the geeky side of things, he blogs. In the late 90's Eric answered your Premiere and After Effects tech support phone calls at Adobe Systems. From 2001- 2003 he was on the Final Cut Pro Development Team as a QA Engineer at Apple, Inc. Nowadays he likes to develop Magic Bullet Looks Packs for Red Giant Software. Eric currently works as a commercial director for Kontent Films ( in San Francisco, which is the most awesome job he's ever had.


Kids Build VFX Company, I Send Tachyon Beam Back in Time

Written by Eric Escobar  |  December 17, 2015

This is interesting, two boys, Ben and Alex, 11 and 13 respectively, are making, and selling, their own Star Wars inspired plug-ins, with the help of their dad who’s a developer. They’ve got light sabers and blasters, as well as some “space wipes”. The plug-ins run in FCP, Motion, AE and Premiere.


Video Editor: A job on the edge of extinction

Written by Eric Escobar  |  July 28, 2015
I know this post has a clickbait sounding title, and for that I apologize, but I’m not writing this for click throughs or ad impressions. This is about the things that software can do now and guessing at what it will do in the very, very near future. Right now, software “reads” articles and emails, and this is how Google analyzes...

How to Survive The Post House Implosion

How to make a living in the post-post house world
Written by Eric Escobar  |  January 7, 2015
Even in good times, video production/ post-production is a risky business. In bad times it’s downright foolish. A company has to be scrappy enough to weather the stagnant months, but robust enough to crew up for a big project that could walk through the door any second.  The San Francisco Bay Area has a vibrant, thriving,...

Editing Video in Mid-Air with the Leap Motion Controller

How to set up a Leap motion controller to edit video using motion capture gestural input and Premiere Pro CS6
Written by Eric Escobar  |  August 26, 2013
In the work-world of movie-making, our community has become accustomed to an eighteen month product release cycle marked by the calendar of trade shows. In the constant stream of technological product announcements, "technology" really means "new technology". Gadgets are announced, showcased and promoted. Some new devices are useful, some are...

Steven Soderbergh’s State of Cinema 2013

At the 56th San Francisco International Film Festival
Written by Eric Escobar  |  April 27, 2013
I don’t have any pictures from the talk at the Kabuki Theater in San Francisco today. EDIT: I lied, here is one.   Steven Soderbergh requested that people don’t photograph or record video or audio of the talk, and I am honoring his request. And I was too wrapped up in his...

Fountain & Slugline: How to Write Screenplays in 2013

How I abandoned Final Draft and learned to love writing in Fountain and Slugline
Written by Eric Escobar  |  April 19, 2013
Screenwriting software is not a sexy area of technology development. There are no "game changer" releases like in camera-land. I have yet to see a "one more thing" moment of shininess, like with a new computer hardware introduction. At best, a screenwriting application is a practical workhorse that streamlines writing in the very specific way...

Markerless Facial Motion Capture with a Kinect

Written by Eric Escobar  |  November 17, 2012
In about two years time, I think, the overwhelming majority of 3D character animation content will not be made by professional 3D artists using professional, high end software like Maya. 3D character creation and animation are poised to become as accessible and ubiquitous as digital cameras and non-linear video editing....


Written by Eric Escobar  |  October 8, 2012
New Adventures in 3D A few months ago, I set out to explore the 3D landscape for the small post house owner. I couldn't have picked a more complicated season to do it. Caveats, I am not a 3D artist by trade or training; I have a very basic conceptual understanding of 3D* technology and almost no...

The 17" MacBook Pro is Dead! Long live the 17" MacBook Pro!

Written by Eric Escobar  |  June 12, 2012
The inside of my MacBook Pro with a new SSD drive and a fast 7200 rpm media drive where the optical drive used to be.Last December the internal drive on my trusty late 2008 MacBook Pro failed, irreparably. Suddenly I was faced with a technical fork in the road -- buy a new MacBook Pro (already kinda long-in-the-tooth...

My Adventure in Indie VFX + a Review of Cinema 4D R13

Written by Eric Escobar  |  March 16, 2012
Maxon released it's latest version of the Cinema 4D (C4D) late in 2011. The R13 Studio version is their flagship product and it's loaded with a ton of new stuff. C4D has been a popular platform for Motion Graphics artists for a while now, probably due to it's ease-of-use, plug-and-play capabilities. Motion Graphics folks could install...

The Indie Economics of SLOG and the Sony PMW-F3. Is it worth it?

Written by Eric Escobar  |  July 12, 2011
As a recovering technoholic-cameraphile, I am desperately trying to make my way out of the addiction cycle of endless camera tests and back toward the rest of humanity. I want to be a part of the species that just wants to viscerally respond to a beautiful, spirit-moving image of light, shadow and color. I want to be thrilled by beauty,...
Here is my decidedly non-technical perspective on shooting with the Arri Alexa. I shot in Rec 709, not even Log C and I don't care, it was so pretty. I didn't measure latitude, and I didn't have a chip chart either. I just pointed the Alexa and stuff and fell in love with the amazing image it made. The biggest thing the Alexa has done...
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Advice to My Friends with 100 Grand

Written by Eric Escobar  |  December 23, 2010
100 thousand U.S. dollars is, objectively speaking, a lot of money. Its enough money for a single person to live, comfortably, albeit modestly, in a major US urban center for half a decade without having to work. And every year, untold hundreds of people will blow that amount of money making a low budget feature film that never gets past a...