CTRL+Console still looking for funding as the Kickstarter winds down

Funding is getting close as the iPad control surface gets gestures that might make it quite usable
Scott Simmons
By Scott Simmons 11.21.12

It's just about a week to go in the CTRL+Console Kickstarter campaign for this cool non-linear editing control interface for iPhone and iPad. I posted about it a while back and one issue I had was that the lack of tactile control on an iPad meant the demo had the editor looking away from the screen way too often to look at the iPad. But a recent update lists out a number of gestures that will accomplish tasks without looking down at the screen. Now we're talking.

What are those gestures? Here's a list:


  • Two-finger -> one finger slide = Jog

  • Two-finger slide left and right = Shuttle

  • Two-finger then tap L or R = Nudge

  • Two-finger tap = Play/Pause

  • Two-finger swipe L&R = Jump to cut

  • Three-finger swipe L&R = Beginning and end


  • Two-finger swipe up = In

  • Two-finger swipe up-down = Clear In

  • Two-finger swipe down = Out

  • Two-finger swipe down-up = Clear Out

  • Three-finger swipe down = Insert

  • Three-finger swipe down then up = Overwrite

  • One-finger swipe from top edge = Mark/Cue


  • Pinch to zoom = Zoom timeline

  • Slide from left edge = Select Source window

  • Slide from right edge = Select Timeline window

To me that instantly makes CTRL+Console much more intriguing. Add to that the update about new consoles meaning new applications being supported and I would love to see this project get funded. So much so I upped my pledge. There's an interview with project creator Jeff Chow that's a great listen and they are getting some press outside the film/video blogs. I had a conversation with Chow myself the other day. While $35,000 is a lot of money and funding is getting there; all I can do is pledge myself and try to get the word out about CTRL+Console.

If you're wondered about where that money will go, read How will you distribute the app and where does the money go? at the end of this page.