Cleversafe Announces New Slicestor Models Propelling Its Limitless Data Storage System

Cleversafe’s Innovative Object-Based Dispersed Storage Technology Combined with Its New Slicestor Models Delivers the Highest Reliability, Lowest Cost, Lowest Power Consuming Big Data Storage Solution Available

Cleversafe, Inc., the solution for limitless data storage, announced today new Slicestor models to deliver the highest reliability, lowest cost, lowest power consuming big data storage solution available in the industry today. The newest Slicestor models integrate seamlessly into Cleversafe’s award-winning Dispersed Storage Network architecture currently being used to solve the growing global issue of unstructured data.

“IT managers are wrestling with putting together a storage strategy to capture, contain and analyze immense volumes of data, that’s sustainable and scalable for decades to come, but they need to keep costs down and risks in check,” said Russ Kennedy vice president of Product Strategy, Marketing and Customer Solutions for Cleversafe, Inc. “Cleversafe’s new Slicestor models meet those needs head on and deliver the lowest cost per Terabyte and the lowest power consumption Watt per Terabyte of any disk-based storage product on the market.”

Cleversafe’s new Slicestor models help businesses align with their green initiatives when looking to meet power efficient, space efficient and cost efficient projections. Cleversafe’s Slicestor models feature a 4U form factor with 45-drive enclosures with sufficient processing, memory and networking capacity to preserve big data assets. The company offers a choice of highest capacity (currently 3 TB) in its cost-optimized or performance-optimized SATA disk drives the most efficient of which can reduce power consumption between 70 and 90% over traditional storage systems.

“As the number of organizations with large and expanding ‘live archives’ of unstructured data continues to grow, the attractiveness of high-scale, cost efficient and power efficient storage offerings will only increase,” said Simon Robinson, Research Director at 451 Research. “We are entering an era of Exabyte-scale storage, and innovations such as object-based dispersed storage offer a real alternative to traditional approaches for data intensive organizations, especially when they minimize risk of data loss and have the potential for significant cost savings by eliminating unnecessary replication.”

Product features:

  • The Slicestor 1410 model is the lowest cost solution offering 135TB of raw capacity using desktop class (5400 RPM) SATA disk drives. This solution is optimal for high capacity deep archive workloads where the protection of data is critical for the long term archival and retrieval of data. The 1410 model delivers approximately 3.2 W/TB at idle and 3.9 W/TB under load.
  • The Slicestor 1420 model offers slightly faster desktop class SATA disk drives (7200 RPM) and only consumes power at 3.6 W/TB at idle and 4.9 W/TB under load. Highly power efficient for more active archive workloads, with more frequently read data.

Cleversafe continues to be innovative in its approach to solving storage needs at the Petabyte, Exabyte and beyond level. The new Slicestor models make it easier for companies to realize new data storage strategies and to begin to replace traditional systems that have caused costs to rise exponentially due to the need to store multiple copies of the same data to ensure data integrity. With Cleversafe’s breakthrough dispersed storage technology, companies’ big data assets are guaranteed available even in the face of simultaneous disk drive, server or network failures.

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