Cine Meter for iOS – shipped!

A light meter / waveform monitor / false-color display for iPhone

[Warning: crass commercial message follows.]

So, it's finally done and dusted: Cine Meter for iOS has shipped. 

It actually went live last Thursday, but one of my beta testers immediately told Jon Fauer about it. Jon posted a quick review on Film and Digital Times less than four hours afterwards, and I've been playing catch-up ever since (note to wanna-be app developers: creating an app is only half the work. Marketing, PR, support, and fielding questions about an Android version, is the other—and bigger—half).


Cine Meter viewing test chart in false-color mode

Cine Meter viewing a DSC Labs ChromaDuMonde chart in false-color mode.


It's on the App Store for the princely sum of $4.99, and I strongly urge you and your friends to buy it. [See? I said it was a crass commercial message!]

DISCLOSURE: I wrote the darned thing, and I profit from the sale thereof.

If you're attending the CPUG San Francisco SuperMeet next week (Wednesday, 30 January), I'll be showing off Cine Meter during the stage show. On the fence about attending? Use the discount code  wiltvip  and you'll get $5 off general admission.

DISCLOSURE: I'm a presenter at the SuperMeet, but aside from that I have no material connection with CPUG. I'm not compensated in any way for recommending attendance… though I do have an interest in having more people see the app!

And yes, since you ask: there will be an Android version, for “Gingerbread” 2.3 and up. Stay tuned…

Adam Wilt

Adam Wilt

Adam Wilt has been working off and on in film and video for the past thirty years, while paying the bills writing software for animation, automation, broadcast graphics, and real-time control for companies including Abekas, Pinnacle, Omneon, CBS, and ABC. Since 1997 his website,, has been a popular reference for information on the DV formats. He has reviewed cameras for DV Magazine and written its “Technical Difficulties” column, and taught classes and led panels at NAB, IBC, and DV Expo. He co-authored the book,”Optimizing Your Final Cut Pro System”, part of the Apple Pro Training series.