ARRI Keynote Talk on Digital Storage for Content Capture at 2012 Creative Storage Conference

Speaker Submission Deadline is April 26

The 2012 Creative Storage Conference (CS 2012) announces that Jens Rumberg from Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH & Co (ARRI), a well-respected professional video camera company, will be a keynote speaker. In addition the conference plans to host a panel discussion on digital storage for content capture. The Conference will be held June 26 in Culver City, CA to address the changes taking place in entertainment storage/distribution.

ARRI is joining as a Platinum sponsor. New organization and media sponsors include Advantage Video Systems, Digital Cinema Society, The Shindler Perspective, Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers (SMPTE), and Storage Decisions (TechTarget).

Dr. Jens Rumberg of ARRI will make a keynote presentation on: On-set data storage for the next generation of cine-style digital cameras. In his talk abstract he says:

In recent years digital video cameras have evolved to deliver ever increasing image sizes, dynamic range, and frame rates. At the same time flash-based storage media are about to provide unprecedented bandwidth in compact and low power devices. These technological advances will make highest quality video imaging more accessible than ever before.

However there are currently no standards for data interfaces and device form factors for digital cinema capture. Consequently device vendors provide their own proprietary storage systems. As seen many times before, technological limits of existing solutions combined with more vendors entering the field will result in fragmentation. This threatens to make the workflow unnecessarily complicated.

This keynote argues that there is a need for a unified approach to the storage dilemma in upcoming high-end video systems. Continuous streaming of video data is optimally suited to flash memory, yet this application seems to be largely ignored by SSD manufacturers. A unified approach would raise awareness of this evolving class of devices and free resources to concentrate the development effort where it really counts: creating the best images possible.

Jens Rumberg joined ARRI in 2004. After receiving a PhD in physics from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, Jens worked for a small company making optical measurement instruments for scientific research. At ARRI Jens started in the ARRISCAN software team and subsequently became project manager. He then went on to lead the team that developed the embedded software for ARRI’s ground breaking digital cinema camera, the ALEXA, Jens is now part of a new group looking into strategic technologies that will take digital cinema to the next level.

Tom Coughlin, chairman of the 2012 Creative Storage Conference said “The first important step in creating content for todays digital workflows is the capture and creation of that content and the digital storage used in content capture and creation determines the quality of the ultimate final product. ARRI has been a pioneer in the push for rugged and versatile digital professional cameras and the 2012 Creative Storage Conference is honored to be the venue for an in depth discussion for the needs for content capture digital storage.”

The Sixth Annual Creative Storage Conference (CS12) will be held Tuesday June 26, 2012 at the DoubleTree Hotel West Los Angeles in Culver City, CA ( This event brings together digital storage providers, equipment and software manufacturers and professional media and entertainment end users to explore the conference theme of Digital Storage Enables Universal and Ubiquitous Workflows. At CS 2012 you can find out the latest developments in digital storage for media and entertainment and network with industry professionals.

In addition to our new sponsors, Corporate sponsors include Oracle and SNIA SSSI (Bronze), Media and Organization Sponsors of CS 2012 include Active Archive Alliance, Coughlin Associates, Createasphere, Digital Production Buzz, HDDFA, Hollywood Post Alliance, FCIA, MediaTech Association, M & E Tech, Media and Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), POST Magazine, RDC and STA.

This one-day conference and exhibits brings together the vendors, end users, researchers and visionaries that will meet growing demand for digital storage for content capture, editing, archiving and content distribution.

Presentations are now being solicited for the 2012 Creative Storage Conference, which has been extended until April 26, 2012. You can submit speakers/panelists for this premier event at We have a great agenda planned with 5 sessions throughout the day. There are two keynote talks during the conference and perhaps a sponsored reception in the evening. The preliminary conference agenda is available at

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