Archiving Final Cut Pro X Projects and Media

This Week on MacBreak Studio
Mark Spencer
By Mark Spencer 05.14.13

This week on MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin from Ripple Training talks about archiving your projects in Final Cut Pro X.

Once you've delivered your edit to your client, they've approved it and you've been paid, how do you go about saving that project and storing it away safely?

Steve shows us some great tips for first "trimming the fat" from your project by deleting optimized media and project render files. Then, he goes over some options for creating a disk image of both the project and any related events. This disk image, once ejected, can then be safely moved to another drive or stored in the cloud using a service like DropBox.

The disk image is entirely self-contained. When you mount it, Final Cut Pro X immediately sees it as a new volume, and both the Event(s) and Project appear. You can then recreate any optimized media and render.

The one missing feature in this process (IMHO of course) is the ability to saved trimmed versions of your media - just the bits that are actually used in the project, plus some extra handles for adjusting the edit if needed.