Top 5 Reasons to Advertise with PVC


Custom Fit Opportunities 

We value a close relationship with our advertisers. Meaning:  we want to work with you to create a program tailored directly for your company’s individual needs. Regardless of your budget, or resources we customize a program that will expose your brand to the thousands of professional film, video, broadcast and entertainment industry readers that visit our site


Relevant Industry Focused Content 

ProVideo Coalition delivers up-to-the-minute, unbiased, expert-written news and information, to a global audience of professionals, covering every element of the industry. From pre-production, post production, data storage/workflow,   PVC’s writers are renowned experts in their fields.


Limited Advertising ‘Real –Estate’

By limiting the amount of advertisement space on PVC, our advertising clients are provided with high quality and frequent brand exposure. The primary goal of the redesign of both the site and the newsletter was to create ways to encourage users to dig in deeper - into news, articles, reviews and archives. In turn, creating more page views, stronger user engagement, and most importantly, more impressions, click-throughs, and opportunities for our advertisers.


Innovative Campaign Partnerships

We want you to not only expose your brand to your target audience, we want you use PVC as a tool to engage with them. Let us work with you to create a campaign that fits your needs, objectives and budget! These are just a few of the options we can provide, custom content written by our Executive Editor Jeremiah Karpowicz, an exclusive channel on our site, targeted emails to our audience, webinars, product reviews, and customizable site skins. The possibilities and combinations are endless.


Our Readers look to PVC as an invaluable industry resource.

  • 76% of PVC users have a high involvement of equipment purchases.
  • Most users (63%) are updating equipment every 2-5 years.
  • 67% of PVC users see PVC as a valuable tool for job- related information.
  • “Content provided in real world situations.”
  • “Comprehensive, accurate information about a wide area of topics.”

*data pulled from  ProVideo Coalition User Study conducted by Diversified Business Communications, July 2014.


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